Depression is often confused with sadness But sadness is a different phenomenon altogether. Sadness is the feeling that comes from an unhappy or unsatisfying event. Although I just mentioned that sadness and depression are fairly different from each other they are also linked to a certain extent. Sadness if not dealt properly can lead to chronic depression

Here I have compiled a list which will help you deal with sadness in a better way.

1. Listen to sadness provoking songs

yes, you read it right, listen to sad songs, in particular, make yourself feel the pain, have a look into the darkness you have been running from, look into it so that you realize that it’s not that scary as you thought it to be.


2. Cry

Cry like you want the Himalayas to listen to you. Cry in every nook and corner of your home, leave no place-your shower, your pillow or maybe lend a friend’s shoulder but just express it out. People will often tell you that crying is a cowardly behavior but accept the fact that it’s NECESSARY


3. Enjoy the Nature

I understand that you are sad and you don’t seem to enjoy anything now, but you have to get fine, right? So just get on your comfy clothes and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings feel the refreshing cold breeze that hits your face, enjoys the birds chirping. Just feel every bit of nature and you will feel much better.


 4.Write it out.

write anything you like, a short story, a poem or maybe a novel of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions the main focus here is that you write it out. Sadness is like slow poison- if you hold it in it will kill you, and give you a painful and slow death so it’s always a good option to just vomit it out.


5. Don’t expect sympathy from people.

Remember one thing always, it’s you who is said, it’s your world which has fallen apart, and the world simply does not care about it. Not every person is as understanding as your best friend so you should also consider that you should not feel bad if someone does not understand your problems



6. Hit the gym

physical exertion is really good for you to divert your energy from the unhappy thoughts to you yourself, your health or maybe your appearance, you can consider the physical pain as compensation to the emotional pain you are suffering.

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