Image Transformation

We all have different images, oh! Here I’m talking about the different personalities of different people. If you are quite comfortable with your image its well and good. But I always feel we want a chance to reinvent your personality for the different situations. Like, you can’t act so jovial with your boss likewise you can’t be so formal with your loved ones. Welcoming the change isn’t that easy, we all will struggle to adapt the new lifestyle but there are few tips that will help you to change yourself for facing different situations after all change is the thing that makes your life better while you have doubt on your chances.

Image Transformation
# Think about the way people see you: –

Before working on your new image just get an idea about your portraying image. Put yourself in the position of an outside observer and think about your role among your friends and family. To know the things that you have to work on.

# Role model: –

We all know that no one is perfect. So choose the qualities you admire from your role model and list out them. Choose your new image carefully. It should still be in line with your personal values and beliefs. Remember to change and change for the good are two different things.

# Work on your least desirable characteristics: –

Figure out what you’ve done to earn a tarnished image and try to work on those. If people think you’re hard to talk to, practice your conversational skills; if you’re often seen as cold or insensitive, go out of your way to show more concern for those around you, etc. Try to show improvement in their interpersonal habits and characteristics, even those commonly perceived as being “nice.”. Set small goals for yourself initially, track your progress. Try to work on one aspect at a time.

# Changing habits: –

Change your habits accordingly. Hangout more with the people who inspire you towards your goal. Think differently about yourself and change the perspective of seeing things.

# Stay true to yourself:-

Be bold to show your attitude change. Face the consequences of changing your daily habits. Track your real progress. Stay with your ethics. Be confident to welcome the better you. Starting small, being sincere and doing a little at a time is key to gaining confidence in your new image.

Change is sometimes needed to better yourself and truly be happy and never stop working on the best you can be it’s a lifelong endeavor.

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