So you finally decide to log out of Facebook, put your laptop away, take a bath in 3 weeks and correspond with human beings through ways that exclude WhatsApp but it has been so long that you no longer remember how to, indulge in meeting someone? well then, fear not because we have your back.

To make an effective impression, below are 5 steps to take when meeting someone for the first time:

  1.  A handshake that leaves them shaken

You make a better impression when your hand is warm, your shake is firm and your eye contact game so good, you automatically become the alpha.

Shaking Hands when Meeting Someone


2. Name the names when you are meeting someone:

When meeting someone for the first time, refer to them by their names several times in the conversation. This is one of the surest ways to build likability.

(It works on old acquaintances just the same but if they manage to sit through your 23rd revelation about your ex, they probably like you enough already.)

Name Text


3. Mirror, mirror on the wall:

Mirroring your converser’s body language is another easy technique to try. It is an effective way of building trust so long as you are subtle and do not seem like a literal mirror. That would be, uh, creepy.

Mirror Reflection

4. Be a Virgo:

People under the Virgo sun sign tend to be wonderful listeners and so should you be in a conversation. Peter F. Drucker had rightly said- “The most important thing in a conversation is to listen to what isn’t being said.”

When you do the same, you find yourself at ease in developing the conversation and finally, obtaining their social security number.


5. Give them something to remember:

Because you might be the apple of your mom and dad’s eye but not so much for anyone else. So, make an effort and bring up something which is uniquely associated with you. For instance, your first business venture, an adventure camp you went to (even if it was at your local park. In that case, exclude the last bit) or how a cow chased you at a farm.


if making eye contact proves difficult because you feel mushy, look at the area between the eyebrows as it seems the same.

give people a nickname that is personal between you and them; it forms a unique bond

being a good conversationalist is just as important as being a good listener

if you can’t recall anything truly unique then head to Plan B: find something in common.

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