You will ever find people critical of your decision, if you tell them that you have fever and you wish to visit the doctor, they might just offer you some help, or maybe accompany you, that’s pretty much sorted when it comes to your physical health, but things take a whole 360 degree turn when issue pertains to your mental health,

mental health is as important as your physical health, or maybe even more important as they say, a healthy body resides in a healthy mind.


Even in the 21st century we live in people do not openly talk about issues related to mental health, This stigma pertaining to mental health is strengthened with lack of awareness and ignorance among people So in an attempt to shed light on the truth about seeing a therapist and raise awareness, here is a list of misconceptions you should not hold for people who go to therapy.

They are mad.

Whether the person is suffering from a serious mental disorder or seeking help to get away with certain thoughts, “mad” is never an appropriate term and in addition, it only strengthens the stigma around therapy


They are weak.

Understanding your mental condition and accepting it instead of living in denial and Going to therapy is actually a very courageous and strong thing to do.

One has to be open to facing every corner of their mind, be open about fears, truths and experiences in front of a complete stranger and this requires a lot of strength— strength to explore your own emotional and mental limits and maybe relive the whole traumatic and anxiety provoking memories

They are loners who don’t have any kind of emotional support from people.

If a person is going to therapy that does not mean, he or she has no friends or loved ones to talk to. It simply means that the person is seeking some professional and expert. Therapy is not a substitute for friendship, and a therapist is not even a buddy.


They are on medication.

Again, I will blame the stigma and lack of awareness among people about therapy people generally think that if a person is going to therapy he/she is also on medication which is not true at all. Yes, I agree there are illnesses that call for the need for medication, but therapy is not a direct cure to your problems, therapy can provide you with coping skills that you will need to live a healthier and happier life.

They need over-sensitive behavior.

You should never talk to a person seeking psychological help as if they are in a special position, and you need to be really polite to them otherwise you might end up hurting them. The last thing they would require from you will be sympathy. If you want to feel an emotion, for them, be proud of them-proud of them for they had the guts to accept and work on their issues.



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