Rejection is the deepest fear that is faced by the human kind. I guess every one of us was rejected in many ways like socially, personally in different aspects of life but did your life got stuck up there? Then why to take the rejection as a full stop it can be a semicolon after which you can write a new note. Many of us don’t know how to handle the rejection and the right way to work on ourselves.

A rejection is nothing more than the step in the pursuit of when you are rejected you’ll get to find and explore the better version of yourself for the success that you have been waiting for. If you are rejected that doesn’t mean that you are not capable of doing that thing or something like that it’s just that, that thing doesn’t go well in your way. Find the way to do that and get excel. This is for professional life but in the person, we people can’t take rejection from our loved ones. We see many of us undergo depression if they are rejected by their loved ones, like if your father left in the very early stage of your life or someone rejects your proposal of love and this also includes the old parents who got rejected by their children. These are not easy phases of life to undergo but we can’t control or decide the judgments that are made by others instead there are few thing that we can do for our self and help ourselves to get through the rough patches.

People usually break and get into many additions to undergo the pain of this but that won’t make the situation any better instead you might end up in worst. There you need to care for yourself and start pampering yourself like consulting the psychologist if needed, find and do the things that make you really happy, shift your love and attention towards your duties because the people who left you are part of your life, not your whole life. As it’s a part of your life it’s okay to get rejected, it’s okay to move on with the memories, it’s okay to have hope and it’s okay to live on.

But it’s not okay to harm yourself are the one who had rejected you. We had seen many people either commit suicide or throw acid on the faces who had rejected them. We all know that love don’t have boundaries or expectations but we do it all the I find it’s okay to say ‘NO’ if you really don’t like the way it is going and also to take ‘NO’ for the same, instead of tagging along with the people who rejected you go ahead in life because the people who are so quick to walk away are the one who never intended to stay in your life. Trust me when the answer is ‘NO’ there is a better ‘YES’ down the road.

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