Every loving couple becomes complete only with their first child. Obviously, the parent gets deeply get attached to the first child.This leads to triggering the mental stimulation higher.Thus, IQ of an elder child of a family is always higher than the following.

A research paper published by Journal of human resources proves that intelligence of elder son likely to be extraordinary by nature. But, everyone may think it’s just because of birth right.This type of cleverness found in an elder child is due to the up bringing.

Parents wish to grow up their first and precious gift of their relationship “A just perfect boy”. Apparently, the child gets raised up as Brilliant and sincere one.

One of the basic qualities of an elder child Reliable.The child is grown with a pack of responsibility.He will be asked to take care of his siblings. certainly, parental care over younger one reduces than usual.The way the First-born child teaches his siblings in various aspects child become more experienced and splendor.

Elder one found to be more cautious.From the born of a second child, elder one plays a part of baby-care of younger child.Sequencely, first-born start up to become cautious to make themselves good icon to the younger one.So, finally elder one will be most enriched part of the family.

First born babies always found to be an achiever and a controlling personality.They have the ability to lead a group.The picks the trophy in the act of organizing kinds of stuff.Work of elder one is a perfect example of presenting a structured piece of art.

The analysis shows that first born gains his all these package of qualities through their parents.Since, parents throw all responsibility to the elder child, he himself portrait to be good enough to carry the family burden on his shoulder.Along the process of obtaining experience from each mistake, simultaneously the First born becomes smart and Unique.

The pride of being the first child of the family makes their attitude even stronger.As stronger, they are as they believe themselves. Elder one will always be in way of upgrading themselves. Attitude of being self-motivated makes elder one most “Intelligent and public eye personality



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